Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Farnborough Police Statistics:


Here is a recent circulation from our divisional Chief Superintendent - Mr. CHATTERTON

"As we head to the Christmas period, I wanted to highlight the very impressive achievements that you have collectively delivered to date this year.
We have achieved nine OCU performance targets this year (out of a possible fifteen) and we are the best performing OCU so far this year. We are also rapidly improving against other OCUs nationally in our most similar family of OCUs.
Most importantly the majority of targets we are hitting involve crime commission rates ie crime levels and we now have the lowest crime rate per 000 population in the Force.
We have had 3268 less victims than this time last year ( that number keeps on getting better too) and have had 290 less house burglaries than this time last year, a reduction of 29% which is outstanding.
We are achieving our commission targets for vehicle crime, damage and most importantly violence which has seen us reduce by 18% over last year. Remarkable.
We have seen big drops in robbery, and sexual offences which is also really good news.
This has come about thanks to your collective hard work.
Every member of staff has had a part to play in this success and you have all delivered day in day out.
We have worked well with partner agencies and there is no doubt that our relentless focus on Insurgent Drug Dealers has made a huge impact.
The bottom line is that this Christmas our communities across this OCU are significantly safer than the same time last year and that is something you should be proud of. "

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