Thursday, 6 December 2007

Pipeline Card Update - fighting higher petrol prices

As you know, petrol is well over a pound a litre across the country so it is vital that we succeed. To do that, we need more members... 500,000 is a great start – but it’s not enough.
Virgin Wines – one of our corporate supporters – has offered a £20 voucher for every member that recommends Pipeline Card to a friend or colleague. You can recommend as many as you like actually – but it’s only one voucher per member. We checked the wines out on your behalf – and they are certainly well up to the standard you would expect from a company like Virgin. They also offer some pretty impressive guarantees.
This is what their Chief Exec Rowan Gormley had to say...
"Virgin Wines supports the work of Pipeline Card. Together, we'll make a difference. So we can all enjoy better value juice in our tanks, and better value juice in our glasses!"
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Please carry on with the recommendations and website links. It’s been a long haul but success is nearer than you think.
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Best wishes & have a great Christmas.
Ben Scammell - Pipeline Card Founder
p.s. We have had some problems with our emails lately and - although some of you got our October update twice – many didn’t receive it at all. We won’t risk sending it again but you can find it on the website here. (

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