Monday, 3 December 2007

Support our Troops this Christmas

The following is a letter sent to us all by Cllr. Mark Staplehurst - well done Mark:

We can so easily demonstrate that we are proud and care for our forces out in Afghanistan and Iraq by sending a Christmas parcel. While we will be celebrating the festive season with family and friends in the comfort of our homes, many of our servicemen and women will be living in a tent, in stifling heat and dusty conditions in the desert. They will constantly be on operations, facing danger, fear and the unexpected and will be deprived of any social and family life and Christmas celebration. Many will be in their late teens and probably away from home for the first time, so it is not hard to imagine the joy a parcel will bring, with the realisation that people back home are thinking about them and appreciate their courage, commitment and sacrifice.

Please send a parcel. It is very simple and does not have to be expensive. Please do not send items that would melt – it is extremely hot out there. Here are a few suggestions but you will have your own ideas:

Anything in a tube, vacuum packed or tinned (toffee sauce, condensed milk, salsa dips etc)
Non chocolate biscuits Gingerbread or malt loaf
Flapjacks Cheese straws
Cream cheese (foil packs) Fish paste
Chutneys Chorizo sausages or dried meat
Dried fruit and nuts Mint imperials
Fruit or Dundee cake chewing gum
Haribo, jelly babies etc pick ‘n mix sweets
Vitamin C sachets
They have to drink vast quantities of water, so powder flavourings in a package such as Berocca
Soduko and puzzle games Magazines (Nuts, Zoo FHM etc)

Alcohol & Porn is not permitted!

Please include a Christmas card, with an encouraging message and sign with your Christian name only and do not include an address as we do not want any obligation regarding thank you letters

The easiest method to send a parcel is to use a large padded envelope or empty shoe box etc. It must not exceed 2 kilos. Secure it firmly and write one of the following addresses (the 1st address is to Afghanistan and the 2nd address to Iraq):

A British Soldier (Afganistan)

c/o Capt S Beattie MBE SO3 J I
HQ Task Force Helmand
Lashkar Gar
BFPO 715

A British Soldier (Iraq)
c/o J I Branch
BFPO 641

Take it to a post office – postage is FREE – parcels take about 5 days

Thank you very much
Mark Staplehurst

Cllr Mark Staplehurst
West Heath Ward
Ex Royal Hampshire Regiment

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