Thursday, 6 March 2008

Campaigning against MegaShed in Pystock

A few weeks ago I joined an action group SPLAT (Stop Pyestock bLot Act today) protesting in Fleet against the building of huge MegaSheds in Pystock right on the border with Farnborough. This building will bring 1000's of HGV's to the area, and congest junction 4a of the M3. The application has been made by PRUPIM ( an indirect subsidiary of Prudential, and will be a massive distribution warehouse. Local MP's and Councillors have also criticised the company for using their huge corporate resources to "flood" Hart District Council with multiple applications a very unethical tactic to bankrupt the time limit the Government imposes to determine applications.
In the picture above I am joined by fellow Farnborough Councillors Alan Cheyne, Martin Tennant, Brian Parker, Peter Moyle (Council Leader) and Mark Staplehurst.

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