Friday, 11 July 2008

Bikes everywhere

Had a closer look at the OYBike System today when Andy Dawson of the Company came and gave Cllr Parker and I a demo. Note: These bikes are shaft driven, so do not have a chain.

It did look relatively easy to use and free if you use it for just 30 minutes. You book it and release it using your mobile phone. The cost of setting one up is £20,000 per annum for 20 bikes - including 10 docking station. Sponsors please. We easily thought of 10 docking areas: 3 railway stations, 4 shopping centres, Council Offices, and 2 Colleges.
My trial of the OYBike did not go well, I was stopped outside the house, for not checking behind and not making clear hand signals by the local constabulary and pulled over. I did however, remember to put my left foot down instead of my right when stopping. Thankfully, I was not riding on the pavement and avoided a fine (The WPC that stopped me would definately not have given me a caution!!)
What do you think? Should Rushmoor set up a bike network?
Would you rent a bike?
Cost to you the user:
Up to 30 minutes FREE
31 minutes - 1 hour £2
over 1 hr - 2 hrs £4
over 2 hrs - 3 hrs £6
Over 3 hrs - 24hrs £8

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