Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Promoting Neighbourhood Watch at Asda

Cllr. Parker joined our local beat officers at Asda, where they promoted Neighbourhood Watch to residents. In Empress we have set ourselves the task of trying to get 100% coverage in Empress Ward of Neighbourhood Watch (A key ambition of our newest and youngest ward councillor - Gareth Lyon). We are really keen to do this, not just because of the safety benefits, we see neighbourhood watch as building community cohesion too. Looking out for our street. And if we can get every street looking out for each other, we can build a town looking out for each other.

Cllr. Parker and PC Bev Woodhead - stopping and searching an empty trolley heading into Asda

PC Lee Jeffers questioning an applicant for a nobbly knees contest.

We need neighbourhood Watch Co-Ordinators for your area - it does not take much time - but is an invaluable community service. Please contact us for details.


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