Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Going 100% Neighbourhood Watch

Dear Residents

We are busy trying to get 100% coverage in the ward for Neighbourhood Watch.
There are a number of advantages to this:

1. Good liaison with the police about current crime activity and prevention.

2. All members of our Neighbourhood Watch will get 10% further discount from local Insurance broker Shelton's on their insurance requirements (car, house etc).

3. We meet every 3 months with the Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinators to update on crime etc issues, but also make priorities for the ward with regards to not only crime but other community issues. This has meant we can channel money for important ward projects of community interest.

4. We are finding as we establish these (we have completed Empress Estate), we are finding a real sense of community is returning to our area.

5. This is also proving a great way of local people working with our two beat officers and councillors keeping an eye out for vulnerable neighbours who are prone to fraudsters.

We need a few co-ordinators for each street. This is not an onerous job, and the rewards to you, your neighbours and the community far outweigh any small inconveniences. This is very rewarding and enjoyable. We have got to know so many more people and are already realising huge benefits for our area.

Please email me back if you wish to help or know someone in your street that would.

Warm regards
David Clifford
Empress Conservative Councillor.
"Together we can make a difference"
Tel 01252 371111
Fax 01252 371112

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