Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Alarm Bells ..... be warned

On ….1430 28/11/08
A resident in Winchester received call from a female from a company called

First Direct/First Response Alarm Co

Said salesman was in area and that they only sold to elderly. Man arrived gave name Paul Hardcastle and mobile number 0XXXX 31558
Pointed out how easy it would be to break into house and that there was a real risk of fire
Their system would alert police and fire service… a snip at £3300
When they did not agree price gradually fell to £1500 + £40 per month for police attendance

This is the 2nd complaint in a week
An elderly lady in Twyford gave them bank details set up direct debit, handed over a cheque for £3000 And a cheque for £45 made out to Hampshire Constabulary
Trading Standards waited for them ….an engineer from Bournemouth turned up. He had no connection with company and been hired to install system
Cheque & direct debit were cancelled

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