Thursday, 18 December 2008

Highway meeting

At the council offices, present: Three ward councillors, PC Lee Jeffers, John Edwards, John Trussler, Phil Stoneman, Andy Ford. Met with our Highway men at Rushmoor and agreed progress on a number of ward issues:

1. Queen Elizabeth Park: New low lite cycle path to be installed in February 09. At the same time we aim to get CCTV in place too. (a bid has been put into the community fund). Neighbourhood Watch planned for this area in January also.

2. Rectory Road: Double yellow lines to be advertised Feb and implemented in March to stop parking on grass verges. Also plan at same time some improvements to the small car park.

3. Empress Estate: Yellow lines going in unsafe road areas February.

4. Orchard Road: Parking meters to be hooded and not used at our request. This was agreed and will be actioned immediately, and trialed for 6 months.

5. Clockhouse roundabout: We complained about the new junction layout - were told the contractor building concept 2000 had done this without authority so work was to be 'undone', and put back to how it was.

6. Union Street: Any obstruction to drives to be reported to beat officeres who have power to ticket vehicles that are causing an obstruction.

7. Cove Green: Will get increased priority as a regeneration area.

8. Pinehust Avenue, Elles Close: 'Residents only' parking signs going up January

9. Cycle Plan for Farnborough is now getting some proper funding from the County Council, and a comprehensive plan will be complete by May 2009.

10. We now have a hit team to attack any badly maintained areas in the Borough. If you know of one - let us know too!!

You report it - we will sort it.

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Anonymous said...


"8. Pinehust Avenue, Elles Close: 'Residents only' parking signs going up January"

Thank you for your work in getting this sorted for us. It's certainly a nice confident step in the right direction.

Best Regards,

Mike Wilson