Monday, 16 November 2009

Council refuse TAG extra flying application

The meeting was attended by over 170 residents and, as well as being webcast by the Council, we also had camera crews from BBC South and Meridian. The overall tone and atmosphere within the room was pleasant and well-mannered. Keith Holland had prepared an excellent report which he presented an an extremely succinct and professional way, interestingly, he wasn't interrupted by the public at any time and they appeared to hang on his every word.

The public speaking had been agreed previously by the committee and 12 people were invited to speak against the application and 4 in favour, including TAG. I have to give credit to all the public speakers for the quality of their presentations which clearly had an impact on the Committee.

It was a challenging and in many ways difficult evening for committee members but I was impressed by their approach.

The final vote was 7 against, 1 in favour and the remainder abstained. The reasons for refusal were broadly based around the belief that the proposed increase in movements would result in an adverse impact on the amenities of the surrounding residential property, particularly with regard to noise disturbance, odour problems, and the greater risk from more movements.

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