Saturday, 28 November 2009

New and free local business network

Aldershot & Farnborough Business Group
A new free local business group has been established in the local area.

Members can only be people involved with an Aldershot or Farnborough business or organisations that offer special services to business – not individuals.

The Group is internet based and personal information is controlled by members.


1. Completely free – no cost at all.
2. Preserves personal privacy, members (if they wish) can only communicate via the system.
3. Promotes only ‘local’ based businesses.
4. Businesses can offer exclusive deals to other members of the group.
5. Free contacts for local professional business training and qualifications.
6. No need for ‘meetings’.
7. Free discussion page that members can use to promote and share information about local issues, special offers etc.
8. Fast way of keeping informed about important local events that effect business.
9. Links with the Borough and County Council.
10. Links with Business support organisations.

What you need to do if you are a local business:

1. Sign up free of charge with LinkedIn :
2. Search in the top tool bar for ‘groups’ and type in Aldershot & Farnborough Business Group. Or go to:
Aldershot & Farnborough Business Group
3. Apply to join.

Any questions please drop me an email. You can also find me on LinkedIn
Link to David

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