Wednesday, 25 November 2009

My Selection tonight

Tonight is my selection interview so wish me luck.
Sitting Councillors quite rightly have to be reselected every term (4 years) in contrast to MP's who do not have the same rigorous examination and keep going until they decide to retire or get deselected.
My CV has been handed in updated and polished, and I have been summoned to the place of execution at 8.15pm. I do not know how many others are applying for the seat, and will be advised of the outcome by phone after the meeting. I am looking forward to the meeting and really enjoy getting feedback and questions that will indicate how the Branch think I am doing, and will give me a steer as to issues I need to address. The Association Chairman for the area will be there along with the Council's Conservative Group Leader who will tell the selection panel how I have performed at the Council level.
I would love David Cameron to come down to the constituency every four years and do that for our MP. I appreciate that is not too practical, but an annual school report would be nice!!
I will let you all know how it goes.....

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