Friday, 14 April 2006

Have a Happy Easter

He is not here:for He is risen

I like what a wise man said:
"Of all the victories in human history, none is so great, none so universal in its effect, none so everlasting in its consequences as the victory of the crucified Lord who came forth in the Resurrection that first Easter morning. We laud the captains and the kings, we praise the nations that are victorious against oppressors. We appropriately build monuments to remember their sacrifices and their triumphs over the forces of oppression. But great and important as are these achievements, none can compare with the victory of the lonely, pain-racked figure on Calvary's cross who triumphed over death and brought the gift of eternal life to all mankind."
A sobering reminder of what's really important. I am very grateful to be living in a land where we are free to worship freely, and people living here are not persecuted because of their faith.

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