Thursday, 20 April 2006

Town Centre

Gerald Howarth MP and Cllr Patricia Hodge reveiwing plans with me of the Town Centre.

PROGRESS AT LAST! But we still have lots to do. The objection from a resident to the road closure order needed to start building the new Town Centre, has been overruled by the Secretary of State for Transport (13th April). There is still a 6 week period where the resident could make a further legal challenge over the process of the review. However, this is not going to stop KPI the Town Centre developer sending out tenders for work on the next two phases of work which are:

1. West Kingsmead Entrance area.
2. New link between Queensmead and Kingsmead.
They have also announced they have an agreement with a Cinema operator, and will be submitting to Rushmoor a planning application for this new design mid May 2006. It will have 8 screens and 1000 seats. The complex will also accommodate 4 restaurants.
And before you say anything ... yes ... I will be right behind them with my hard hat on!

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