Tuesday, 25 April 2006

More Canvassing

Today we continued our canvassing in Empress Park. It really is valuable listening and talking to residents, and something we local Conservatives do all year round not just at election time. It is clear the big three issues in this area are:
1. Town Centre
2. Parking
3. Policing
I share residents concerns about these and am committed to tackling issues you raise with me immediately not just when I am elected. I have already discussed the town centre with the developers directly and will continue to do so, but must say I am cautiously optimistic that serious progress is being made. I am assured subject to the satisfactory conclusion of the 6 week judicial challenge period, work will start finally. I am also optimistic that the long awaited cinema is a real possibility, with construction starting before Christmas. I have talked to the Leader of Council about parking issues and the Portfolio member responsible for parking about 6th Form students, rail commuters and employees of local companies using Empress as a free car park, and I have spoken to the beat Sergeant about the crime issues and what they are doing about it, and when elected will have regular meetings and go on patrol with the police to see first hand what they are doing.

On a more light hearted note, just to show there is no bad feeling towards members of the other parties, we ran into a resident that is a Lib Dem councillor in another ward. Keeping my promise that I would knock every door no matter what we knocked his and took the photo below. As I have said before, and it is worth repeating, I respect all candidates and councillors regardless of party, who are prepared to put themselves forward to serve in public office. To disagree with their policies does not mean I do not respect them. I also think we should not take ourselves so seriously all the time.

So I am very happy to publish this light hearted, but warm photo of political oponents taking a few moments to enjoy one anothers company. Isn't democracy a great thing.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent web site. Its good to see a councillor keeping in touch so well with people. I never see mine.