Wednesday, 5 April 2006

House plans next to Pinehurst

Got these plans of the development proposed for the land next to Pinehurst. Access will not be thru Pinehust, but via Farnborough Road. The proposal is for the following:

Refurbishment and conversion of existing buildings known as Q153 and R178 to provide 85 dwellings together with construction of 451 new build dwellings. The total development will provide 536 dwellings comprising of 466 appartments and 70 houses, plus associated access, landscaped amenity space and parking provision.

There will be a public exhibition about this on the 11th April 2006 at the Estate Office, Pinehurst Gate between 3pm to 9pm.

I prefer to see more houses than flats, and am concerned about the distribution of the proposed 30% social housing in the scheme. Please visit the exhibition and tell me what you think.

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Chris said...

Thank you David for posting these plans on your blog, I live in Pinehurst Cottages and met you to speak about this on your visit last week. For residents of Pinehurst Cottages these plans are extremely worrying for a number of reasons:

Firstly and perhaps most importantly I believe this developement will directly impact the value of our houses. Small 2 bedroom houses which are affordable for first time buyers are fairly few and far between and the new development will directly compete with ours being placed in the immediate proximity.

Second concern is the continued building work, up till now we have had to endure a couple of years of continual development with all day noise, vibration and dust. Cracks in my walls are evidence of the demolition process which I intend to complain about. I expected the land adjacent to be used for industrial purposes which normally has a shorter development time.

Third as you mention is social housing, I am in favour of 0% for a number of reasons which would likely get me in trouble with the thought-police.

We bought this house over ten years ago before any plans to redevelope the site were public knowledge, therefore I feel justified in my objections to housing development right on my doorstep.

I will be attending the exhibition in the optimistic hope that my concerns will be listened to.