Wednesday, 22 November 2006

Mobile Offers - beware

Communications Direct - 02920 368700 - 02920368700
Beware if you receive a call on your mobile phone from the above number. The caller will not know your name or anything about you but they will trick you by saying they are calling about your O2/Orange/3/Vodafone/T-mobile contract. Most people assume because they know which network they are on that it’s a legitimate call, they will try and offer you an upgrade, but what they are really doing is signing you up for a new 12 month contract. They are using the prefix of your mobile number to guess your network, historically numbers from the same network have the same prefix i.e. 07736 = O2. The only time that they’ll get this wrong is if your have ported your number from one network to another. If you take the bait they’ll ask for you bank details and set up a direct debit, if you have been unfortunate enough to fall for this contact your bank and stop the direct debit. If you received the phone you are within your rights to cancel the contract within 14 days.

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