Saturday, 11 November 2006

Our family Roll of Honour

Today, we all remember the fallen, those that gave (or rather had taken) their lives for the cause of freedom. Here below I just want to remember, and by remembering thank, all those in our family that served their Country by putting themselves in harms way and took up arms. Starting with those that gave all.
World War II
1. Patrick Clifford 20yr 1st Feb 1943 RN HMS Welshman sunk Tripoli Harbour, Libya by U-617 which was later sunk 12 Sep 1943
World War I
2. Charles Hardaker 19yr 22 Aug 1915 Australian Army. Gallipoli, Turkey
3. Patrick J McBride 25yr 26 Oct 1915 Durham Light Inf. Houplines, France
4. Francis J Trudden 30yr 15 Oct 1916 Durham Light Inf. Somme, France
5. Dennis Trudden 37yr 6 April 1917 SS Powhatan. Atlantic
6. Arthur W Merrell 22yr 8 May 1917 Gloucester Reg. Arras, France
7. George Richards 30yr 2 Aug 1917 South Wales Borderers. Ypres, Belgium
8. Charles H Penfold 23yr 12 April 1918 Royal Fusiliers. Hazebrouck, France
Those that served and survived:
9. Francis E Clifford (Royal Corps of Transport)
10. Albert G Godwin (Royal Engineers - PoW Japan 1940 - 1944)
11. William T Jackman (Royal Enginners WWI)
12. Harold J Sanders (Royal Horse Artillery WWI)
13. Henry A Sanders (Royal Artillery WWI)
14. John J Townsend (Australian IF WWI)
15. Frank Edwin Powell (RN - HMS Victory)
16. David Pullen (51st Reg of Foot) recieved a medal at storming of Rangoon.

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