Saturday, 3 May 2008

Only a bafoon would underestimate Boris.

Londoners did the right thing - and I think the majority did it for the right reason. The acceptance speech demonstrated immediately that Boris is very much in tune with London and aware of the mandate and responsibility he now has, and one of the most gracious and humble acceptance speeches I have ever heard from a politician.

He has the political stature and big personality that our City deserves, and it is great to see local Government getting its rightful place at last. It is interesting to note that David Cameron MP only got 26,571 votes to become an MP compared to Boris who got 1,168,738 - over a million. This begs the question - why as a modern democracy do we not have a National election for prime Minister? Is it right that only a small Oxfordshire constituency gets to vote on the prime Minister?

Anyway - great news that Boris is Mayor of London, and I hope we see more elected Mayors throughout the Country, and who knows, maybe one day here in Rushmoor.

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