Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Town Centre - Road Closure

The section of Westmead from Victoria Rd to Northmead at the rear of the Princes Mead shopping centre must close for the installation of major services to the new Kingsmead redevelopment.

As a consequence traffic wanting to access Westmead/Northmead will be diverted via Farnborough Rod, Meudon Avenue and Solatron Road into Northmead via the Princes Mead car park service road which will remain open on market days.

Princes Mead 'B' car park will remain unaffected, but regarding 11/13 Westmead we will close the entrance and put a new one in further 'around the bend' and also create an access point from our car park into the Barclays car park for their staff. This will keep the car park open.

The period of works will be from Monday 30 June to Friday 8 August

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