Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Alert - keep watch

I have recieved this report from an adjacent Farnborough Ward:

We have had a spate of vehicle damage in Westheath Ward. This has been people breaking into vehicles to obtain items left inside them such as money, mobile phones etc. Can I remind you all NOT to leave any valuable items within your vehicle. On this note can you think about when you are out doing your Christmas shopping, do not leave presents on show in the car. This time of year makes vehicle crime more appealing. Use your boot area to hide items if you have to but remember this area is also a target. Try not to leave anything of value in your car.
We have had a report from one of the Councillors that there was a suspicious male seen. This male was first seen in the Pitt Way/Clouston Road area on Saturday 22nd around 1155 hours. We was knocking on doors in the area. Cllr X approached this male to find out what he was doing and explaining who he was, the response he got was less than polite. The male went on to say however that he was a tree surgeon and that he had business cards, however he would not show them to Cllr X. He said that he was registered and that he came from Farnham. This is all at this time suspected to be false. From the way the male behaved towards Mark he had something to hide. Please all be on the lookout.
The description of the male is:
White 40-50 years
Clean shaven 5ft 10
14 stone approx.
Black trousers Shirt Jacket Brown shoes

Approximately 10 minutes later Cllr X as cycling along Westheath Road when he was chased by a Grey coloured Mondeo saloon which contained 3-4 adults. It is not certain if this was the same male and some friends of his as Cllr X had to take evasive action to avoid being hit.
There has also been a second report of a suspicious male which was called in to us by an off duty Surrey Detective. He saw on Monday 24th around 1205 hours four males in the Blunden Road area knocking on the doors. The only description we have is youths aged 18-21 years. This may well be legitimate, however we always treat these reports as suspicious until we can clearly clarify that they are not. Rest assured if we see males doing this sort of door to door knocking we do obtain their details and clarify them. If you can all remain vigilant and if you have any information in relation to these points or anything similar please let me know.
Westheath Local Beat Officer

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