Saturday, 15 November 2008

England v Australia rugby

The good wishes and cheers of the crowd just were not enough to win over the referee!!

Saw the England v Australia rugby match today at Twickenham with a friend, and had a very enjoyable day spoilt only by the result. 14 to 28. The referee did not help - I never like to criticise the referee, as it is a tough job in the best circumstances, but it has to be said, on this occasion even my Australian fellow spectators were shocked at most of his decisions.

England are a team in transition, and appeared slow and hesitant. I am sure Martin Johnson will pull the team into shape, and could not have been happy with the performance today.

It was good to see the Army curry van there, and meet up with some old friends for a traditional Gurkha curry before the match, and a few cans (water for me) after the match, where we put, not only the England team right, but also solved most of the world issues too.

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