Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Empress Community Meeting

Tonight I met with our beat officers and representatives from our Empress Ward Community, local neighbourhood watch co-ordinators, businesses, churches and schools. We do this in the ward once every three months.
We discussed what is happening in the area, and also highlighted areas that need our attention.
The following are some priorities I was given:
  1. Cabrol Road and the play area needs unclogging of too many vehicles and some anti social juveniles. Empress Estate needs restricted parking times.
  2. Need to survey our alley ways and have a clean up, and light up where needed.
  3. Rectory Road needs some thought as to how we cope with parent traffic for local school.
  4. Trees in the ward - there are lots - what liability if they fall on roads etc. Who pays and can assistance be given to improve maintenance etc.

We have dealt with most of the anti social behaviour in the town, our neighbourhood watches have trebled and we are on target for 100% coverage. We have successfully been dealing with cycling, and are seeing improved facilities in the Ward. Recently, following a meeting with KPI the town centre developer we agreed some cycle path improvements and better locations for cycle racks.

I would like to thank the police for all their support, and especially residents for their valuable feedback and contributions, and finally my fellow ward councillors Brian and Gareth who all work hard making this place a nicer place to live.

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Anonymous said...

Hello - I have struggled to find any contact details for the CABROL ROAD NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH, so I would appreciate it if this message could be passed on.
I have come back to my car this evening to find a letter stuffed under my windscreen wiper complaining about my car parking. Firstly I do apologise if I have caused any inconvenience it was certainly not my intention.
However I never block driveways, I do not park on yellow lines or on the grass verges. The letter complains about the effect I have on home businesses in the road - could I ask how I am possibly meant to know that people run businesses from their home? If there is such outrage caused by my little car then perhaps the road should be given double yellow lines because as far as I am aware my parking is entirely legal.
The letter also states that the police in the area are "monitoring the situation" could I ask what they were monitoring when my car was keyed in this road?