Wednesday, 18 October 2006

Alcohol ban in 9 Borough Area's

By popular consent Rushmoor has agreed new powers to crack down on anti social behaviour. These will come into force on 6th November 2006

Police and the new Community Patrol Officers (CPO's) will have power to ask someone to stop drinking alcohol and/or confiscate and dispose of any alcohol in that persons possession. If they do not stop, they can be arrested and fined up to £500.

The Council have agreed to nine areas to be designated non drink zones.Three of them are in Empress:

1. Queensmead.
2. North Camp and Farnborough Park.
3. Cove Green

The other 6 are:
1. Aldershot Town Centre.
2. Manor Park, Aldershot.
3. Mayfield/Totland.
4. Southwood Village Centre.
5. Southwood Playing Fields.
6. Pinewood Park & Irvine drive.

If you see breaches of this order call the new non emergency police number to report it 101

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