Thursday, 19 October 2006

A walk in the Park

Parks are the jewel in any communities crown. Safe clean parks are also a good indicator of how well a Council are doing (much like checking the toilets in a resturant - I always feel better about a resturant if their toilets are clean and well maintained). So I am very keen to see the Parks in the Borough and especially in Empress where we have 3 large parks plus a number of "play areas" well maintained and a pleasant place for families to visit, feel safe, enjoy, relax in peace or have fun at play.

So on one of my regular Park visits in the ward I took a parks specialist with me pictured below and made some observations and put in recommendations to be actioned immediatley. I would also like to thank some residents that also wrote into me. Together we are making a difference in our Parks for the benefit of everyone.

Oli my official Parks advisor

The first Park we have taken action on is Rectory Road Park. Here I have requested the rusty redundant light columns to be removed by the end of this month. I got the awful graffitti removed from the play equipment and had an assurance that if it re appears it will be removed immediately (I think graffitti attracts more graffitti) I have also asked for the mobile CCTV camera's to be placed there to catch any anti social behaviour. I am also having a broken bin replaced.

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