Saturday, 28 October 2006


Here are two poor attempts at poetry. I am very fond of poetry, and love the way sentiments can often be expressed more powerfully in verse. One is an attempt at humour about a really nice girl I met many years ago that kept saying "gosh". The other is more serious and reflects the anguish of losing someone suddenly without warning.

I once knew a girl who loved to say "gosh"
She was awfully pretty and frightfully posh.
Daddy worked in the City and made lots of dosh.
Mummy lived in the country and ate fancy nosh.

Never got to say goodbye.

Never got to say goodbye
Never understood quite why
Never wanted you to fly
To a place I could not spy
I must live and get on by
Talk to you without reply
Look, but never catch your eye
Only holding close a sigh
Never think my eyes will dry
Never will stop asking why
I never got to say goodbye

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