Wednesday, 25 October 2006

Farnborough Town Masterplan

Urban Practitioners have been hired to put together a Masterplan for the Town Centre. I attended their workshop which was well supported (see my ealier post14th July 2006) and produced some innovative ideas.

The consultants have now set up a new web site where you can see what they are up to and the progress they are making. If you care about our town, visit the site and tell them you want to be consulted and involved in what happens. You can then make comments and contributions to the people helping us put the plan together.


Anonymous said...

Embarrassingly bad prose for such weighty subjects and from the pen of someone that has aspirations of leadership. Shame.
I'm positive you will conveniently edit this out. Just the good shots of you kissing babies or feeding your children GM foods for the camera.
Love to hear your reply though.
Here's my email.

Anonymous said...

When will we finally stop wasting money on consultants and start regenerating our appalling town centre.