Thursday, 15 March 2007

Rugby - a wonderful game

My mate Bill has got back from Twickenham after watching some superb rugby. I love the Reuters piece about the after shocks .....

By Jean-Paul Couret
MARCOUSSIS, France, March 14 (Reuters) - France captain Raphael Ibanez lost sleep for two nights after last weekend's defeat by England shattered his dreams of a Six Nations grand slam.
"It made me mad for two days and I didn't sleep on Sunday and Monday nights," the Wasps hooker told journalists on Wednesday.
"It was a huge disappointment because you can accept losing a game over a last-minute free kick or a brilliant move but not because of a total lack of ambition," he added.
"Everything went wrong from the first lineout as we lost the ball on our own throw. It set the tone of the game, the balance of power was on England's side."
Several players said the atmosphere in the French camp was "a bit tense" but added that the determination to make amends for last Sunday's defeat overcame the sadness and disappointment as the hours went by.
"The defeat has been stomached but not accepted. One thing is for sure we must not be depressed. I hope that I'll be able to eliminate my suppressed frustration and anger on the pitch," said Ibanez.
The French captain stated that the best remedy was to focus on Saturday's game against Scotland at the Stade de France.

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