Monday, 26 March 2007

A surprise email from an old resident

Dear David,

I hope this note finds you well. I am not sure if you received my voice mail a while ago, so I thought I would drop you an email.

Things here in Wellingborough are going well. In December I was adopted as a Conservative candidate for Brickhill ward in the May elections when the whole council is up for election. A 16-year council veteran is stepping down, so I am the third candidate alongside the current Mayor, Tim Allebone and his colleague, Lora Lawman.

I have also been put forward to be an Association officer and I am being asked to take over the association website. I have started to establish a reputation as a political Blogger also, and I have constructed a blog for Brickhill ward – .

Basically all this involvement in Conservative politics has come about as a result of that day in Cavendish Road where you sat down patiently and pledged to help with parking issues. The way you represented the ward and looked after the interests of the people there was the motivating factor in me joining the party and the reason why I am where I am today. So I wanted to say thanks and let you know how things have been progressing.

All the very best,
Tony Sharp


David Clifford said...

On days like today, you cannot imagine how good it is to get such a nice email. I always knew some day Tony would make an excellent Councillor. I hope that dream becomes a reality this May.

Praguetory said...

He's a top chap. Maybe you should give Tony a link. He is a superb political blogger and he's just broke a big story, too.