Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Cove green parking machine Income

Following persistant requests I have received a summary of the income generated by the Pay and Display (P&D) machines in the Cove Green area. I have also included below a summary report of how council officials see the scheme.

We have received a few calls from residents of Prospect Road who say they now enjoy the 'green' view of the allotments and playing fields (as opposed to a row of cars) and some have expressed gratitude to us for clearing the street to allow good access for deliveries and trades parking.
The ticket machines have assisted the process because there is a natural tendency to park where you don't have to pay or at the lowest cost (the car parks being cheaper than the roads) and machines make enforcement easier. To this end the objective of clearing the streets has been met, but the income has been slow (there is of course a certain contradiction in the desire for clear streets and the desire for income)
Demand for parking in Station Road P&D has increased steadily. We now have a significant concern that the 20% increase in Network Rail's charge (now £2.90 against our £2.40) will result in displacement to Prospect Road particularly in the better weather. Cllr Dibbs has discussed this with me and he is keen to retain the Prospect Road machines in order to address any such displacement (obviously we have no influence over Network Rail policy so we cannot control the extent of displacement)
The machine takings in the last 12 months are as follows:
FN1 Orchard Road - £73
FN2 Station Road - £3,977
FN3 Station Road - £5,702
FN4 Prospect Road - £77 (machine decommissioned after vandalism)
FN5 Prospect Road - £351
FN6 Prospect Road - £391
FN7 Cove Pavilion - £2,232
US1 Increase at Union St West - £6,672
Total - £19,475

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