Friday, 13 April 2007

People in Farnborough inviting crime!

Officers have issued advice to 88 Rushmoor residents after their vehicles were found to be insecure and offering opportunities to criminals.

The Vulnerable Vehicle Scheme is designed to highlight when vehicles are left insecure and opportunities have been presented to thieves. Police officers, PCSOs and Rushmoor Borough Council community patrol officers who have spotted a vulnerable vehicle have taken a note of the vehicle information and letters have been sent to owners. The letters explain that they have left their vehicle insecure and they have presented an opportunity to criminals.

Since the end of February, 88 vulnerable vehicles were spotted and the list below details the reasons why these owners were written to:
  • 30 satellite navigation cradles on display
  • 23 handbags / coats / personal documents on display
  • 7 satellite navigation systems on display
  • 5 for technical equipment left on display
  • 4 windows left open
  • 3 tools / work equipment on display
  • 3 packages on display
  • 2 iPods on display
  • 2 laptop on display
  • 2 set of keys on display
  • 2 for money left on display
  • 2 CD players on display
  • One convertible roof left open
  • One full set of golf clubs left visible in boot of car
  • One bicycle left in the back of the vehicle

PC Andy Jones said: "The 88 examples were noticed on routine patrols and were not the result of a targeted patrol specifically for vulnerable vehicles. This makes it even more alarming as I can only imagine how many could have been identified during a targeted patrol."

The 88 opportunities show the public present themselves to possible risks and that while the police can patrol and provide advice and run operations, the public also need to come on board and help reduce the chance of becoming a victim of this sort of crime by removing possible targets.”

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