Wednesday, 11 April 2007

GALA BINGO SIGN-UP for Farnborough

press release is as follows:
Gala Bingo has exchanged agreements for a bingo club on the first floor above the proposed new Sainsbury store in the £80 million Farnborough Town Centre scheme which Key Property Investments (KPI), the joint venture company between St Modwen Properties PLC and Salhia Real Estate Co., is poised to begin.
Subject to the completion of a development agreement with Rushmoor Borough Council, work on the construction of the scheme in which the 34,000 sq ft bingo club is an early phase, is expected to start shortly.
Simon Rutter of St Modwen said: "I am delighted that Gala Bingo has agreed to come to Farnborough. It will add variety to the retail and leisure offer in the new vibrant and lively town centre which has been planned for so long."
Steve McKenna, managing director of Gala Bingo said: "We are delighted to bring the Gala Bingo brand to Farnborough so that the local community can experience a fantastic night out."

Press release ends.

When I heard this news I am afraid I was really disappointed. Although, I must confess in Victoria Road we have many elderly residents that may see this as a "fantastic night out". On my list of "fantastic nights out" Bingo just is not there.
I just see Farnborough as more of a Theatre venue than a Bingo venue. Cultural entertainment rather than a mindless game of chance appeals to me, and in my mind better for residents of all ages and backgrounds.

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