Saturday, 7 April 2007

Easter Flight - a shocking landing!

Had a wonderful Easter flight, I taking off from Old Basing I flew into wind towards Reading at about 1000m it took 20 minutes and I got to see the Wind Turbine, and all the cars making their way busily along the M4. But the best part of the flight was taking a birds eye view of my hero Wellington's estate of Stratfield Saye House and its beautiful grounds. I am personally glad Wellington did not pull in down and build his "Waterloo House". I had a breath taking view.

Well before long I was back over the landing strip, checked all was clear, identified another pilot flying below me, came in nice and slow, cleared the trees - then a power line jumped up and hit me from no where!!! I had missed the poles camoflaged in the tree line on the edge iof the field, and did not see the wires in front of me. The first I knew was a large bang - very luckily not on me, but about a metre above my head. I fell just 20 or so feet, so no harm done. Although I must thank the very kind farmer who was so considerate and thoughtful of my welfare despite the fact I had knocked out all the power to his dairy.

I now have to live with my new nickname bestowed by my fellow pilots .... "The Line Dancer" this replaces my current nickname of "rainman" for insisting on flying in the rain one mad moment! For more pictures of our flying group see

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