Monday, 24 September 2007

Farnborough Tornado

And it didn't take off or land at our airfield!! I have recieved the following from our Chief Executive at Rushmoor (Borough Clerk to you older residents)

Dear Councillors,
Mini Tornado
I thought it might be helpful to update you on today's events and the action taken by the relevant agencies, including the Council, in response. Apologies to the Leader and Cllr Mark Staplehurst, Cllr Tucker and any other Councillors actively involved during the incident for repeating what they already know.
Up to 20 houses were damaged in the Rother Road and Northcote Road areas of Farnborough at about 7.15am this morning by what has been described as a mini tornado.
Damage has been caused to chimneys, roof tiles, gutters, garage roofs, which in some cases have been ripped off completely, fences and trees, both in people’s gardens and on the highway.
There are no reports of any injuries.
The fire brigade is making sure the houses affected are made safe and removing damaged chimney stacks and roof tiles. They are also making sure the roofs are weather-proof.
A number of our colleagues have been onsite this morning including John Edwards, Geoff Saker who has been advising on structural safety and Andy Ford who is working with our contractors to remove dangerous branches which are being chipped on site.
The Council’s handyman team and Hampshire County Council’s highways team are also helping to clear debris from the scene.
Katharine in our Contracts Team has arranged for two skips to be delivered to the scene and these should arrive by 1.30pm. One will be placed in Northcote Road and one in Rother Road for residents to dispose of any debris. More skips will be available if needed.
Residents are encouraged to contact their insurance companies as early as possible.
They are also advised to be cautious about using any gas appliances where the flue exits through a damaged chimney stack and if necessary to get the appliances checked before using them.
Our colleagues in Housing were also put on standby to provide advice but it looks likely that all residents will be able to stay in their homes.
Andrew Lloyd Chief Executive Rushmoor Borough Council

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