Friday, 21 September 2007

Top Ten Tory Policies

On the Stand Up Speak Up website you can vote on which recommendations from the Policy Review Groups you think should go into our manifesto.
The 10 proposals which have received the most votes so far are:

Fixing our Broken Society:
1. Make the benefits system a 'something for something' system (86%)
2. Support in the tax and benefits system for married couples (78%)

Globalisation and Global Poverty:
3. We should stop turning a blind eye to corruption and start speaking out (73%)
4. The EU should unilaterally remove its own barriers to imports for the world’s poorest countries (72%)

5.Agreeing a European strategy towards Russia (85%)
6. Establishing a National Security Council (80%)

Freeing Britain to Compete:
7. Abolishing Inheritance Tax (80%)
8. Creating a Lifetime Savings Account (79%)

Public Services:
9. Reintroducing GP responsibility for out-of-hours care (51%)
10. Giving heads the absolute right to exclude (51%)

Would these be your top 10? Have your say at Stand Up Speak Up - and don’t forget we’ll be discussing all the recommendations at the Party Conference in a little over a week.

Visit Stand Up Speak Up and help shape our election manifesto
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