Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Results of my AWC on-line Poll

The Results for my on-line poll about Alternate Week Bin Collection tied in very closely to the consultants findings. However, my poll was completely free!!

The question put was simple: Is a two week waste bin collection adequate?
Answers and votes were as follows:

1. Yes (I recycle) 58 votes (17.79%)

2. Yes (I do not recycle) 6 votes (1.84%)

3. No (I recycle) 256 votes (78.53%)

4. No (I do not recycle) 3 votes (0.92%)

5. Undecided 3 votes (0.92%)

Total 326 votes (100%)

This is about 1% of the households in Rushmoor - not bad for my first on-line poll. More important than the votes were the invaluable comments left which were quoted by officers and members at the final seminar we had to discuss what was going to happen. These comments were invaluable. So thanks to all those that left them.

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