Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Turkey 07

Just enjoyed an amazing 10 days in Turkey. It is an incredible place of paradox, and I love it. A secular democracy where the main political topic is religion. A Muslim country saturated with Christian history. Caught in the East but with its heart in the west. A friendlier people you could not meet - a terrifying foe you would do well to avoid. History is full of people that underestimated Turkey from the well disciplined ancient Roman Legions to the modern well armed western military powers. It sits quiet, self confident and alert with hands extended east and west. Show respect and these hands will embrace you, show hate and they will become a fist of iron. The more one sees the more one cannot help loving it and its people.

Its also a fantastic place to learn to wind surf .....

One of my few moments upright on the surf board riding the wind. And yes - those white legs are brighter than the white surf board.
I came across a sculpture of a very unpopular roman governor in the region, known for his huge ego and poor diplomacy and failure in politics. The name escapes me but the ugly face rang a bell, and scared small children .....

The beautiful Ephesus, of which only 25% has been uncovered, close to the last earthly home of Mary the Saviours mother, a place now cared for by devoted French Nuns - I felt a strange peace there. The altar had a cloth with a woman's name embroidered in italic writing - and it wasn't Mary! Maybe a name that isa name to represent all women. The question however, is why did she choose here. Because John the beloved was posted here? Who was given charge of her by the Saviour as he hung on the cross - or some other reason? If only the hills and stones could talk - what stories they could tell. In time.

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