Thursday, 13 September 2007

Out with the speed cops

Sgt Plews armed and dangerous

This morning I was asked to accompany the police on a speeding education exercise. The idea was to give speeders a ticket, but offer them the option to attend a 15 minute rolling presentation on the dangers of speeding at Farnborough Fire Station. At the completion of the presentation they could hand in their tickets issued at the road side and no prosecution would take place. However, if they did not attend before 2pm or were speeding excessively they would be prosecuted.

BUS STOP - one of the first vehicles to be caught was the number one bus! Sgt Plews held up the Stagecoach and was not buying a ticket but issuing one.

Shame the driver did not take a closer look at the rear end of his bus before he drove today

... more drivers speeding in North Camp

Road safety awareness in exchange for fixed penalty notices

What do you think?

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