Sunday, 13 May 2007

Happy Birthday Dad

Celebrated Dad's birthday at home with mum and my sisters today. I cannot believe he has been gone 6 years, but we still get together every year on his birthday, and laugh and smile about all his funny ways. We had a cake with a candle on, and it went out as we sang happy birthday - we think he popped back just to blow it out and say hello. He was a very happy, optomistic man, that had lots of reasons not to be. My one regret is that I did not tell him enough when he was alive how much I loved him. I so wish he was still around, I loved having him work in the office with me. He was also a lot more forgiving than me and would soften my views about people. He would have been a far better councillor than me, but he never had the opportunity which is a shame, although I grew up always seeing him helping other people - he always stopped to help people that had broken down, etc. Nothing was too inconvenient or any trouble for him. A lovely man.

Happy birthday Dad.

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