Monday, 28 May 2007

Online poll about Bin Collections

I have been talking for weeks to officers about getting an on-line poll or petition set up on the Council web site. It turns out that this would be very expensive, take up lots of officer time .... etc, etc, etc.

So guess what. I thought I would do it myself. It took 10 minutes and cost me nothing. Now this is what electing Conservative Councillors is all about.
Cutting through all the unnecessary bureaucracy and listening to, and delivering what is best for, our residents.

See the poll at the top right of this blog. I am going to make it a permanent feature. There will always be something valuable to get your opinion on. Also, bear in mind this is my first poll! So it may not be perfect, but it is a start. You will always get criticism - often by people that use a list of excuses for not doing things themselves.


Anonymous said...

Cllr Clifford, your support for your Conservative colleagues is admirable but sadly, you know it is misplaced. Surrey Heath Consevatives have voted against having fortnightly collections, so how does that tie in with the great plan of having joint recycling/refuse teams? Quite honestly we should bin most of Rushmoor's existing councillors (Labour and Lib Dem included, and start afresh.

David Clifford said...
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David Clifford said...

I have to say Mike, I support Conservatives across the Country who have taken a stand to support weekly waste bin collection and have opposed this alternate week collection idea from Central Government.